The GEO5 suite of programs is designed to solve various geotechnical problems. The easy-to-use suite consists of individual programs with a unified user-friendly interface. Each program is used to analyse a different geotechnical task, however all modules communicate with each other to form an intergrated package.


GEO5 is a suite of programs for geotechnical analysis. The software package includes individual programs that are closely linked to each other and run in the same environment. Each program solves a specific geotechnical problem. Besides common geotechnical engineering tasks, the suite also includes highly sophisticated applications for the analysis of tunnels, building damage due to tunnelling, stability of rock slopes etc.

GEO5 consists of wide range of powerful programs based on analytical methods and the Finite Element Method.

Analytical methods of computation (e.g. slope stability, sheeting design) allow users to design and check structures quickly and efficiently. The designed structure may be transferred into the FEM application where the general analysis of the structure is performed using the Finite Element Method. This not only saves designer’s time but also compares two independent solutions, thereby increasing design safety.

The first programs of the GEO family were developed in 1990. Today, Fine Limited offers products through its sales representatives in 20 countries of the world and in 9 language versions. Presently, there are about 1300 companies in 50 countries using software developed by Fine.


Simple input and a user-friendly environment have been always emphasized in GEO programs. In most of the applications the user can design and check a structure within an hour without any special training. When a user returns to work with a GEO program after a break, he/she instinctively knows how to input data and to use the program.

Programs included in the GEO5 suite follow the general principles of the Windows environment – all the easy-to-use features are present; dialog boxes, control menu, tool bars etc.

Data may be entered in the input window or by using active dimensions located directly on the desktop. When the user edits the dimensions of a structure, he/she just clicks the dimension to change the value. These simple principles are also integrated into the more complicated applications such as the FEM programs. Intersections of soil layers and structure lines are automatically found and an appropriate mesh is generated. Any change of input data is immediately displayed on screen. This gives the user absolute control over entered data.

Input or analysis modes are chosen by pressing the appropriate button located on the right side of screen.

Dialog box for entering data changes according to the chosen mode

Dialog box for entering data changes according to the chosen mode

To edit structure dimensions, just click on the dimension and change the value.

To edit structure dimensions, just click on the dimension and change the value.


One of the most important objectives of any program is to create good output. GEO programs allow users to easily generate clear graphical and text output. The structural analysis report is the basic output document. This is generated according to a tree menu, which allows the insertion of graphical output (figures). In both input and analysis mode, the user can add one or more figures into a list of pictures. Any picture can be edited, enlarged or coloured. Figures are automatically inserted into the structural analysis report and are updated if any change of input data occurs. The result is an easy-to-understand and always up-to-date output document in Word or PDF formats.

Simple insertion of graphical output (figure) directly to the report

Simple insertion of graphical output (figure) directly to the report

The user may insert as many figures as he/she wishes

The user may insert as many figures as he/she wishes


Users don’t need an extensive tutorial before using GEO5 – they can work confidently with it within few minutes. All GEO programs contain context-sensitive Help that is available anywhere in the program by pressing the F1 key. Help is always provided according to the current dialog box or mode. This makes the search easier. The user can move between Help topics using context links and a tree menu or search for the wanted topic directly. Any topic can be reached in a maximum of four mouse clicks.

Help contains a description of all input and control elements together with instructions for generating output documents etc. It also includes the theoretical background and tables with recommended values of variables used in the current program. The complete GEO Help text exceeds one thousand pages in length. Help or individual topics may also be printed.

The main advantage of GEO Help (programs, on-line), in comparison with tutorial books, is its immediate availability. Each new software version includes an updated version of Help.

Appropriate help is automatically provided when the F1 key is pressed.

Appropriate help is automatically provided when the F1 key is pressed.

Help is automatically up-dated and immediately available.

Help is automatically up-dated and immediately available.


An important feature of the GEO5 programs is that they conform to standards and practices in many countries. They are based on general and well known theories; only the form of the final check depends on the individual standard and country. All GEO applications allow users to check structures according to the theory of limit states and also the theory of safety factors. Any reduction factors, analysis coefficients etc. may be set by the user. That way, he/she is able to design a structure according to Eurocodes or British, American, Australian, Indian and other national standards within one module. Design of concrete structures is performed according to standards EC2, PN, BS, IS, ACI etc.


The GEO5 programs are very affordable as it is unnecessary to buy the complete suite. Many users begin with a single program that is needed at the time and progressively purchase more modules according to their budget. Customers may take advantage of quantity discounts. Educational versions for schools and universities (full program versions) are offered under special conditions.


Presently, GEO5 is available in following language versions:

  • CZ Czech,
  • HU Hungarian,
  • RU Russian,
  • HR Croatian,
  • PL Polish,
  • SK Slovak
  • EN English,
  • PT Portuguese,
  • ES Spanish,
  • GR Greek,
  • RO Romanian,
  • TR Turkish


For low annual rate, Fine and its network of dealers offer a program of permanent customer support – Fine Maintenance. It includes unlimited access to program updates, technical support and professional engineering assistance.