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Suryanto, Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta

Generally, Steel is used to reinforce the concrete. Use of steel should be limited, very costly and also so muchenergy consuming in manufacturing process. Bamboo is one of the suitable replacements ofreinforcing in concrete because low cost natural resources, easy to plant, growing rapidly, reducing global warming effect and mostimportantly strong in tension. The notched bamboo is one of the bambooreinforcing model. Using corrugated bamboo strips can improve bond between bamboo and concrete likely using steel deformed bar. This kind of geometry not only couldn’tassist to interlock between bamboo and concrete but also can decrease the swelling and shrinkage effect. This study to research the bond strength of corrugated bamboo reinforcement in normal concrete.

The method of this research is experimental laboratory at Material and Structure Laboratory of Engineering Faculty, Sebelas Maret University. The specimen wascylinder concrete, diameter 150 mm and height 300 m. Material of bamboo from Jatipuro, Karanganyar with low humidity contentis 15%.The notched bamboo reinforcement made in two types of bamboo, Petung (Dendrocalamus asper) and Wulung (Gigantochloa atroviolacea), were embedded concentric into the concrete cylinder 150 mm deep. Dimension of notched bamboo reinforcement was width 15 mm and thick 5.2 mm. Last, comparing the result of pull out test for concrete embedded notched bamboo and steel.

The test result shows that bonding strength between concrete and steel reinforcement was 0.11701 MPa. The bonding strength between concrete and Petung bamboo was the greatest at 0.00800 MPa. The bonding strength between concrete and Wulung bamboo was the greatest at 0.00634 MPa.

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