Visitors to the Smartmicro stand at Intertraffic will be able to see the company’s radar-based traffic management products, which can be used for intersection management (stop-bar and advance detection), arterial management (traffic counting and classification) and enforcement (red light and speed). “These extremely high performance 3D traffic tracking radars have now become capable of performing many new features, such as the handling of curved roads or bicycle classification and having an Ethernet interface,” says Dr Ralph Mende, Smartmicro’s managing director.

A new generation of radars will be introduced at the show, Mende adds. “The UMRR-0C range is a complete high-end radar platform comprising three models that will feature the 2DHD and 3DHD high-resolution technology required for the handling of dense traffic. A wide field-of-view and detection ranges of 500m are now available combined with what we believe are unmatched vehicle-separation capabilities, enabling 100 and more objects to be tracked simultaneously.”
The company will also be presenting new accessories, such as its traffic management interface board (TMIB). “This enables a user to connect four radars at an intersection to only one cabinet card, which provides relays, CAN, SLDC and Ethernet interface to all connected radars,” Mende continues. “It also makes the setup and configuration as well as remote internet access very simple.”

Mende reports that in 2013 Smartmicro greatly increased its market coverage for traffic radars. Sales in North America and Europe were boosted and the company also became active in new markets such as South America and China. “Our most significant single contract of 2013 was a project comprising more than 2,500 sensor installations for traffic counting and classification, used for an ITS system in Russia,” Mende reveals. “In other news, we’ve also contracted new distributors. We are proud to announce our new partner Econolite, which has taken responsibility for the sales of our Advance + Radar models in North America.”

7 March 2014 [traffictech]