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AASHTOwareAASHTOWare is a unique and powerful enterprise software suite designed by transportation professionals for transportation professionals.

No other software matches its effectiveness for transportation project design and management.  Why?   Because no other software is cooperatively developed and continually updated by experts from state transportation agencies across the nation.

Comply with national standards, customize for state needs

AASHTOWare is built to help you comply with Federal Highway Administration regulations, AASHTO standards and industry best practices, but it easily accommodates state-to-state differences.  Easy to download, customize and deploy, AASHTOWare efficiently monitors costs, schedules, inventories, inspections, performance, displacements, and safety.  It also:

 •              Helps prioritize where and how funds should be spent

•               Facilitates rapid creation of reports

•               Enables prompt payments to the federal government and contractors and faster receipt of federal funds

•               Provides consistency through changes in state leadership

Who uses AASHTOWare?

Transportation employees of 50 states (as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico) and Canadian transportation agencies use AASHTOWare to help users meet everyday demands.

Educational License

This no cost specially modified version of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design software is available to educational institutions within the jurisdictions of our Member Departments, and/or Associate Members to use for teaching purposes in the classroom only.  This option is not available to individuals and it is not to be used for research, graduate work or any other purpose.   (An SI version is available for those institutions located within the jurisdictions of international AASHTO Member Departments.)

The new no cost educational version differs from the full version of AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design as follows:

  1. Limited design types–new asphalt and concrete (JPCP and CRCP), AC/AC overlays, AC/JPCP  Overlays, Unbonded PCC overlays.
  2. Limited analysis period: 30 years.
  3. Limited climate stations:  8 to 10 stations from around the country representing each climate zone.
  4. No batch mode and sensitivity analysis.
  5. Output reports (PDF and Excel) include the Watermark text “Educational Version.”
  6. No access to intermediate output files.

A licensing agreement executed by the institution assuring compliance with the education and training limitation is necessary to exercise the educational license option.

The license agreement is between the institution and AASHTO. Therefore, the educational version of the software should be used in a computer lab environment, installed on computers owned by the institution. It is not to be installed on individual personal student machines.

If the software will be installed on multiple machines, the machines should be ghosted

Only one copy of the educational software is licensed to each institution and the maximum number of seats per institution is limited to 25.

To download a copy of the non-member software request form, go tohttp://www.aashtoware.org/Pages/Software-Requests.aspx

For more information, contact:

Angel Williams
AASHTOWare Business Manager
444 N. Capitol Street, N.W., Suite 249
Washington, DC 20001
Email:  angelw@aashto.org